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Guardian's Grace by Jacqueline Rhoades (Review)

Guardian's Grace
by Jacqueline Rhoades

SeriesGuardians of the Race
Pages : 279
Release date : May 12th 2012

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Goodreads synopsisGrace Masters always wanted a family she could call her own. Of course, in her imagination it didn't include a pair of rambunctious and affectionate twins who can turn into killers within the blink of an eye or an aging vampire who has trouble controlling his thirst. She never expected to find a friend and mentor in a three hundred year old witch who looks like Sophia Loren. And she certainly never dreamed – okay, she dreamed but never thought it would come true – of a tall, handsome hero who would sweep her off her feet. Yet here she is, in an old Victorian home, living and loving under the cover of night.

Who knew that the source of her lifelong torment was really her gift as a Daughter of Man or that this gift could be controlled and used for something good? Who knew there was another race called the Paenitentia who live side by side with humans? Who knew that demons were real?

Grace certainly didn’t until one fateful night when her world falls apart and comes together again in a place where she finally feels she belongs. Sometimes a person just knows when something is right and destined to be. Sometimes convincing someone else of that fact is a little more difficult. Canaan ad Simeon is that someone else.

Canaan is Liege Lord to a House of Guardians whose job is to protect the Race from a demon threat many no longer believe in. Already breaking away from the outdated traditions that are depleting their numbers and threatened by a hierarchy resistant to change, the last thing Canaan needs is to fall for this innocently sexy Daughter of Man.

But fall he does, with a mixture of comedy, drama and sexy fun that will touch your heart.

My Thoughts : This book blew me away and was honestly a breath of fresh air. Finally, a book that wasn't filled with characters so in heartbreak or whatever that they failed to tell the truth to people or hide all of their emotions because they were so afraid or whatever. This book has excitement, romance, a little horror and a whole lot of greatness. The characters are written perfectly and the author is able to capture emotions so beautifully  Most books I have read lately have the characters running around and avoiding love and emotion however, this book is nothing like that. The characters are able to feel and express his or her emotions in a way that you don't get to see in books very much. Instead of running away from them or not even telling the person until about 12 books in the characters come out and say what they are feeling and don't hide them away. It was so refreshing.

This book is filled with witches, vampires, demons and angel like people (the guardians) which is where this story starts. Grace has been shuffled around from foster home to foster home until she was 18 and then she was on her own. In between foster homes she meets her best friend Alice. When Grace was little she started having problems with a buzzing noise in her head. She soon realized it was hard to be around people because she was able to feel their emotions and that was what was making her head buzz. If she was around a lot of people for too long the buzzing in her head would become to great and she would develop a migraine. So, she pretty much shut herself off from the rest of the world. She didn't go out much and had a job where she didn't have to be around people. Everything changed after she went out with her best friend to a club and watched as a demon tried to kill her best friend and then she met the twins. That is when her whole life changed.

The beginning of this book had me laughing out loud because of some of the things that the twins would say. They might be 20 something but they seriously act like they are 12 so almost everything that comes out of their mouths is just funny. When the book started getting more serious there were less funny moments but then again the book can't be full of funny moments. When the book changes you can tell through the tone of the book and how it changes but it was seamless and you just moved right a long with it. Even though the book takes on a more serious ton about mid way it is still an amazing book and it had me in it's spell the first moment I started reading. The characters are really what make this book and the way the author writes them. You start really falling for the characters because they are written in such a way that there isn't really a way not to love them. You even start feeling for a few of the bad characters. I know I did. One of the characters, Andi, I couldn't help but to feel for her and I completely understood what made her do the things that she did. The characters are relatable on a certain level that really draws you deeper into the book.

I do have to mention that this book is an adult book because there is a little sex included. However, it's nothing compared to Fifty Shades of Grey or other books of that nature. I would say that the stuff going on in this book is done very tasteful and it's not full of it. Just enough to tell the story and not overly done that it just becomes repetitive or put in just to put in a sex scene.

All in all this book was awesome and I even had my doubts before reading it. I wasn't sure if I would like it or not. It turned out to become one of my favorite books and I really do love it. I can't wait to read more from Jacqueline Rhoades in the future.

I give this book :
Disclosure Notice
I received a free copy in exchange for my personal and honest review. I was not compensated in any way and all thoughts and opinions expressed therein are my own.


  1. Thank you for such a glowing review. You've made my day!I try very hard to keep my female leads 'real'. They all want different things from life and none of them are model perfect, but they're all beautiful in their own way. Just like us!
    Thanks again for giving Guardian's Grace a try.

  2. Sounds fascinating! I love the Halloween look of your blog btw!


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