Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Poetry Tuesday #5

Happy October everyone! You can not believe how happy I am for it to be October. The weather is changing, it's getting cooler and fall is just around the corner. I love this time of year and OMG! do I love Halloween and all that it entails  So, with that being said I wanted to change up my normal Poetry Tuesday this month with something with a little more BITE! to it. That is when I came up with Poetry with Bite. Still going to show case poetry and writing except this poetry and writings are going to be a little more ... edgy.

So, without further rambling here is the main event.

by A. Boodoo

He flew to her as she sat in her bedroom 
Touched down on her face with a powerful kiss 
She fell to her bed as he landed upon her 
It happened so quickly she couldn't resist

Embraced to submission, she lay uncomplaining 
As he brushed her hair out exposing her neck 
Anaesthetised softly with delicate kisses 
She lay ready for him to make his descent

Her neck throbbing softly in time to her heartbeat 
So soft and unblemished, a peach tinted white 
He cradled her head and leant over her body 
And kissed with lips open - jaws closing to bite

The heat hits his mouth as the blood trickles slowly 
The taste is addictive, so rich and so warm 
Unconscious, she's feeling a rush in her body 
Excited, she calls out to him "Oh yes! More!"

He reads her elation and stops from his feeding 
And, kissing her, turns round to look at her face 
Light-headed, unthinking, she rises to kiss him 
And falls to the spell of vampiral embrace

They kiss in the moonlight, her neck bleeding slowly 
He bites her tongue hard as it strays by his teeth 
Their mouths fill with blood as he drinks from her kisses 
His hands getting busy with something beneath

He rips off her nightdress, the satin tears cleanly 
Exposing her vulnerable body to him 
She swallows her blood and delights in its softness 
As he takes her skull in the palms of his hands

Her head on his shoulder, her body beneath him 
She sighs with delight at the feelings inside 
Sustained by her blood and her tenderest kisses 
The vampire takes on a lover tonight

I also wanted to share one of my favorite books with you all too. I have to say that Anne Rice has to be, hands down!, one of my favorite authors of all time. The way she is able to transport you into a whole other world but yet still be in a time from our past is amazing. And don't even get me started on how much I love the way she writes about Vampires. No wonder everyone wants to be bitten so badly!

Is this book not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. I mean seriously I would kill for this book. Okay, maybe I wouldn't go that far but I would seriously love to have this book. It's so beautiful! What would make this book even more amazing and incredible  how about it autographed by Anne Rice herself. Yup, I know I live in a fantasy world but man do I love it here. Maybe one day I will own this book autographed by Anne Rice herself but for now I will stick to my *not so pretty awesome* copy I have because I can still live out my fantasy in her books at least.

Vampire kisses everyone,

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