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Sizzling new book by author Kimmie Thomas ... Nursing Dr. Miller

Warning : This book does contain adult language and situations.

Welcome everyone! I am so pleased to bring you a new author which I think will be heating up the book world in no time. Her name is Kimmie Thomas and her new book is sizzling! Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself!

About the Book

Nursing Dr. Miller
by Kimmie Thomas

Pages : 120
PublisherTomcat Publishing
Release dateNovember 18th 2012

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Summary : Do you know what goes on in a hospital? Would you believe that sex, lies and deceit are ever present even while you lay ill in you hospital bed? You may be surprised to find out that the soap operas you watch are not as far fetched as you may think. This story may not be Gray's Anatomy but it will curl your toes just as much.

Gregory Miller, MD is tall dark and handsome. He single and looking for love and the nurses at Kingdom Hospital just want to love him back. Is sex and a good time enough for Dr. Miller? Follow him and his fellow doctors and nurses as they try to find love and a good time while saving lives.

Chapter Five

Tish threw her head back and screamed out in ecstasy. She rode Dr. Kemp’s dick as hard as she could until she felt herself lose control. Sensing her release, Dr. Kemp grabbed her hips and pounded into her deeply, the juices that oozed from her pussy made a slapping sound with each stroke. He grunted like a wild animal just before he exploded inside of her. Satisfied, she collapsed on top of him. Dr. Kemp wasn’t the best lover she had ever had, but he would do in a pinch. At least she wouldn’t have to satisfy herself with one of her many dildos.
She had made mental plans to take Dr. Miller home with her from the Christmas party and let him fuck her brains out, but she lost sight of him when the lights were dimmed for couples to slow dance. She had looked everywhere but was unable to find him.
Dr. Kemp called her just as she was leaving the Christmas party, crooning in the phone about how much he wanted to taste her pussy. She declined at first but after she saw Dr. Miller drive past her in the parking, she decided some pleasure was better than nothing. She considered calling Dr. Miller on his cell phone but changed her mind knowing he wouldn’t take her call. He hadn’t accepted or returned her phone calls in over a year.
She was determined to get Dr. Miller back in her bed. The man was just as relentless sexually as he was in the operating room. He didn’t stop until he was sure she was satisfied. Tish tried to move on, but found that each of her new lovers lacked the enthusiasm Dr. Miller had.
She had made it her business to tell everyone at Kingdom hospital that he was hers, hoping that no one would go out with him. If he wasn’t able to get sex from anywhere else then maybe he would at least be willing to fuck her from time to time. After all, she wasn’t looking for a long-term relationship, just a little fun. Tish liked her life just as it was, with no one to tie her down.
Dr. Kemp pushed Tish off of him and rose from her bed. He stood over her and smiled a devilish smile.
“Thanks for letting me come by,” Dr. Kemp told her.
“Thanks for stopping by,” Tish replied.
“Do you mind if use your bathroom?”
“You know the way, down the hall and to the left. There are clean towels under the sink,” Tish told him before she turned her back to him.
“I think your phone is ringing,” Dr. Kemp yelled from the bathroom.
Tish hurried from her bed. She grabbed her cell phone from her evening bag. She pressed the send button to return the call and waited for someone to answer. If someone had called and in and she had to go into Kingdom Hospital and cover she was going to kill somebody.
“Kingdom Hospital, this is Jean. How may I help you?” Jean said in her most professional voice.
“Hey, Jean. This is Tish. Someone just called me.”
“Girl, you are not going to believe who I just saw all up in Dr. Miller’s face not ten minutes ago.”
"Who?” Tish asked.
“Carla. She was smiling up in his face like a school girl.”
“That little bitch,” Tish yelled. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Dr. Kemp standing in the door way of her living room smiling at her seductively.
“Jean let me call you back. I have to take care of something right quick,” Tish said. She pressed the end button before Jean could reply. She needed to get Dr. Kemp out of her apartment so she could decided what she was going to do about Carla and Dr. Miller.
“Thanks for stopping by,” Tish said dryly.
“Oh, you’re ready for me to go. I thought I could lick that juicy twat of yours before I left,” Dr. Kemp said, as he moved closer to Tish and slipped his hands between her legs stroking her clit gently, causing a moan to escape her lips.
Dr. Kemp leaned down and sucked at her left breast while he lifted her from the ground and carried her to the couch. He dropped to his knees and buried his head between her open legs and licked and sucked at her hole greedily.
Dr. Kemp licked and sucked at Tish’s pussy just the way she liked it, rough. Tish grabbed the back of Dr. Kemp’s head and pressed his face into her pussy. Dr. Kemp sucked at her hard clitoris and felt it pulsate. He automatically applied more pressure to her clit, when Tish arched her back. She screamed out as a strong orgasm careened through her body. Dr. Kemp released her clit and applied his lips to the opening of her pussy and lapped up her juices. He loved the slightly salty taste of her pussy juices.
Satisfied, Tish pushed his head away and stood up. Dr. Kemp ran his hand across her caramel colored round bare ass. He loved how high and firm her ass was. If he didn’t have to go home to his wife he could suck, rub and kiss her ass all day and night. He couldn’t get enough of Tish, mostly because she lacked inhibition and enjoyed sex as long as she was satisfied repeatedly. She was the perfect mistress because she expected nothing more from him except sexual satisfaction.
“You need to go,” Tish said.
“When can I see you again?” Dr. Kemp asked.
“Just call me I let you know if I’m available.”
Dr. Kemp rose to his feet and grabbed his coat and hat. He took one last look at Tish’s lean, toned, naked body. He reached down and rubbed his hard dick through his slacks before he headed out the door. He would wake his wife when he got home to relieve himself.
Tish couldn’t wait for him to leave. She needed time to think. Dr. Kemp worked hard to please her, but just like all the other men since Dr. Miller, he was unable to satiate a deeper need inside of her. Dr. Kemp was only useful for their usually sexual romps. Dr. Kemp loved to eat her pussy and her ass, adding extra variety to the line of men she often fucked.
Now she needed to figure out what she was going to do about little miss goody two shoes. Carla was not about to come between her and Dr. Miller. He was going to be with her whether he knew it or not.

About the Author
Kimmie Thomas

Kimmie Thomas is a native Detroiter.  She is a  writer, teacher, mother, and wife.  Her first love has always been reading and writing.  She has been motivated by writer such as Donald Goines, Maya Angelou, Zane and E. Lynn Harris. Kimmie has worked as a psychiatric nurse for more than 10 years. She uses her vast knowledge of mental health to make her characters real for her readers.
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