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{Review} The Visitation by Jo Robinson

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I have an awesome short story to share with you all today. It's called The Visitation and it was written by Jo Robinson. Here is my review of the book and more information. As always, enjoy and have an enchanting day.
About the Book

The Visitation
by Jo Robinson

Pages: 10
Book Type: Short Story

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Book Description

Tony had often thought that all of humanity was a blight on the face of this planet. And now he knew that he had been right all along.

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My Review

A short story filled with with dark humor and satire that will keep you reading until the shocking end.

Tony is a brilliant biochemist who longed to be a vet and hates his job. His father was also a brilliant biochemist and who wanted Tony to follow his example, starting the downward spiral of his loathing and hatred of the human race.

Saying Tony has problems would be an understatement. He has major anxieties and cannot stand to be touched let alone be around a large group of people. He keeps to himself and does what he has to at work but hates what he has to do to the animals. His coworkers make fun of him for this which makes his hatred grow more and more the longer he works for the company.

When he is visited by an angel of the Lord and asked if humanity deserved to live on any longer it doesn't take much for Tony to condemn the entire human race to extinction.

I found this short story to be a very good tongue and check satire. It was easy to read, which I did in one sitting, and even easier to be caught up in. The author is able to capture this man’s pain and you feel every laugh that he feels and every tear that he sheds. You also feel his pain and anger towards how people care nothing but for themselves.

I won't say anything about what happens towards the end of the story because you simply need to read it for yourself. It shows, in my opinion, how one person can change everything in an instant and how it can all be taken away just as quick. It also shows the rashness of one person and how if he would have taken the time to look outside of his own misery would have found a loving, forgiving and helping world outside his window. It also shows how you should never judge a whole basket of apples just because of a few bad ones.

I give this book

I purchased a copy of this book for myself from I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

About the Author
Jo Robinson

I live in the wilds of Zimbabwe with my husband Angus, a dog with an odd sense of humour, four birds, and some chickens. One of the birds spends most of her time on my head, weaving my hair into dreadlocks that have to be cut out, so every day's a bad hair day for me. I'm into karma yoga, don't eat meat, and plot constantly about how to bring about world peace, but I make up for all that holiness by drinking a lot of wine, often using excessively foul language, and eating too much chocolate and cheese. I also eat loads of garlic, which is apparently deeply offensive on the spiritual plane. I spend most of my time hunched over my computer. This is a good thing though. Strange things happen in the real world. I have two short stories on Amazon at the moment, Fly Birdie and The Visitation, as well as my newly released sci-fi/fantasy novel, Shadow People. My book, African Me & Satellite TV will be published in a few weeks.


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  1. Thank you so much Krystal Willingham for your lovely review! The best kind of surprise, and I love your website. Jo


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