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{Book Spotlight and Review} Red is for Rage by Connie Corcoran Wilson

The Book

Red is for Rage
by Connie Corcoran Wilson

Pages: 258
Publisher: Quad Cities' Press
Published: January 30th 2013

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Book Description

RED IS FOR RAGE is the second book in the award-winning THE COLOR OF EVIL series by Connie Wilson. THE COLOR OF EVIL won the E-Lit Gold Medal for Horror (Jenkins Group) and the Silver Feather (IWPA). Three evil-doers rise up to wreak havoc on a small, mid-western town in this hot follow up.

When Stevie Scranton goes missing, best friend Tad vows to do everything he can to find him. Even if Stevie is dead, his family craves closure. Tad enlists the help of retired policeman Charlie Chandler and a team of volunteers, including Charlie’s old partner, Evelyn Hoeflinger. This rag-tag team of detectives continues searching for Stevie Scranton, the runty misfit of Cedar Falls’ Sky High. In their search, they discover a monster every bit as dangerous as Pogo the Killer Clown.

Michael Clay (the serial killer Pogo) escapes custody. On the loose again, Pogo’s actions restart a vicious cycle of violent nightmares for Tad McGreevy. Pogo has one main goal: kill Tad McGreevy so that Tad cannot disclose Clay’s location. Pogo doesn’t realize that, up until now, Tad has been unable to harness the paranormal ability he possesses. Now, Tad McGreevy must try to learn to use his unique gift.  Stevie Scranton’s fate hangs in the balance. Tad’s power, if precognitive, could save everyone he loves.

Jenny SanGiovanni returns from her father’s home in Boulder, Colorado, to finish her senior year with her old classmates. She brings home a new set of problems. Jeremy Gustaffsson, the fifth-year senior boyfriend in Jenny’s junior year, graduated. But Jeremy is still in town, still obsessed with Jenny, still dangerous.  When Jenny broke up with Jeremy, it made Jeremy mad. Bad things happen to good people when Jeremy Gustaffsson gets angry and descends into a red rage.

All Jenny’s cheerleader friends from her junior year are back and have problems of their own. Jenny deals with adolescent issues such as self-esteem and self-worth, problems that tax her soul.  But Jenny is not alone. Another Sky High student is driven to the brink. Will that individual plunge into the abyss of despair?

My Review

This is Connie's second book in The Color of Evil series. While I haven't read the first book the second book didn't confuse me at all and basically caught me up about what was going on and what went on in the first book. I have to say that it was a doozy but in a good way. Connie has a way that sweeps you up and inside the book and carries you from one page to the other as though time has stood still. I read though this book and couldn't believe what was going on and she left me hanging on every word and detail. I swear if there is not a third book and I am going to be super disappointed because I want to know what happens next. The details that Connie expresses in this book is exceptional and that is what grabs the reader and what puts them smack dab into the middle of the story. This book is full of suspense, mystery, and loads of thrills. I do have to say that there is some graphic violence so I would say this would be an 18+ read but they will love it just as much as the older adults as it keeps you on your toes and completely enthralled in the story.

In Red is for Rage, we get to learn more about Tad and his powers as he explores and learns more about them and just what they can do. When it comes to the emotional rollercoaster that we are put through it is pretty rough because Connie talks about some very tragic and emotional issues that I've not encountered with a novel before. I'm still reeling over everything that I have encountered with this novel and honestly I am craving more and craving more answers. I totally recommend this book.

I give this book

*Disclosure Notice*
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my personal and honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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About the Author
Connie Corcoran Wilson

I am a University of Iowa grad and college professor with 55 years of writing experience. I've written for 5 newspapers and 7 blogs, founded 2 businesses, play 4 musical instruments, and have 2 children (born 20 years apart). I followed the '04 and 08 presidential campaigns "live," write for Yahoo, and am sometimes referred to as T.Q. (Trivia Queen.)I also have 2-year-old twin granddaughters who are great fun.

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