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{Book Spotlight} The Secret Trinity: Reign by Jenna Bernel

The Book
The Secret Trinity: Reign (Fae-Witch #3)
by Jenna Bernel

Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 189
Published: September 28th 2012

Book Description

For Aria Darwin, playing with fire has become a way of life, not because her powers have finally been unearthed, but because she’s drawn to the dormant light sparking behind Clay’s eyes. With every move towards that light, she risks her title as Queen. Even though she’s terrified of getting burned by the backdraft, Aria can’t seem to ignore the tempered blaze buried in her heart.

After a disturbing vision, Aria withholds a deadly secret in order to protect her Kingdom. Her people, her friends, not even Clay knows the truth as she makes peace with her destiny. Aria is looking to the future but the past keeps haunting her dreams, and she fears that the cost to defeat her enemy will be a much greater sacrifice than her soul.

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Guest Post by
Jenna Bernel

Writer's Cave

The thing I like most about reading is when I get swept up in a good book and suddenly a movie begins to play behind my eyes.  As the story progresses and my imagination becomes linked into the sentences, it feels like time slows and I'm watching this story as if it is playing out right in front of me.   Then I realize that I've subconsciously pieced together the characters faces along with the scenery.  If it's a really good book, this process all happens very naturally.  The next thing I know I am hit with the harsh reality that time doesn't stand still in this new world, because when I look over at my night stand it is inexplicably two o'clock in the morning.  However, despite the late hour, I'm still tempted to pull an all-nighter in order to finish.

I feel the same way about writing as I do reading.  When I'm writing it's like a movie in my head, my fingers weirdly feel like they're detached from my body as I scramble to keep up with the scene that is going on behind my eyes.  I hope that doesn't seem too Exorcist like, but for me, as I'm sure it is for many writers, my "process" is difficult to explain without sounding like a crazy person at the same time.

Since I was little, I have always had very vivid dreams.  When I was ten I remember having a reoccurring dream where I could fly.  The dream felt so real I would often fall out of my bed and experience vertigo when I came to.  After that I became very intrigued by magic, ghost stories, and general paranormal writing.  I do relish a good Mystery or Thriller, but much like my vivid dreams, the majority of what I still read and write today has a paranormal aspect to it as well.  I find that paranormal paired with any number of sub-genres adds another layer to a story that I want to unfold.  To be honest, writing something that didn't have a romantic sub-genre in it would also be a huge writing challenge for me.  I enjoy giving character's depth of emotion and find that writing about love is the epitome of writing raw emotion.  Plus, giving relationships the question marks of where they will go, and the natural tension or humor that can surface between male and female characters is personally fun to write about.

I wish that I could see the world I have tried to create through my readers eyes.  What do the characters look like to them?  What do they see when they think of Draíochta and is it even close to how I think I described it?  I guess having the power to see through someone else's eyes in that way is another possible series idea in itself, giving me yet another reason to love writing Paranormal Romance. :)

About the Author
Jenna Bernel

Jenna Bernel lives tucked along the bluffs, spending her days lost in the world of fantasy. When she’s not writing, she’s reading and drinks way to much caffeine to satisfy her love of both. Growing up she traveled extensively through the competitive dance circuit, unaware that at the time it would provide her future career an endless stream of inspiration for the captivating drama of Young Adult Fiction.

I enjoy all things travel, food and adventure.  While doing research for a trip to Ireland the idea for my book series, The Secret Trinity, came to life and would be the beginning of my greatest adventure yet.

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