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{Guest Post} All The Kings Men by Kat H. Clayton

The Book
All the King's Men
by Kat H. Clayton

Series: The Kings of Charleston Series, Book 2
Publication: March 28th 2013
Genre: YA Romantic Suspense

Book Description

After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts.~Aristotle Onassis

There's a mystery floating in Charleston, South Carolina and it revolves around one word...Kythera. To anyone outside the city limits it means nothing, but to those who live there it's a word whispered in awe and respect or jealousy and hate.

Welcome to a world where money isn't the only name of the game.

All the King’s Men is the sequel to The Kings of Charleston and continues the adventures of Casper and Cal as they try to escape Kythera and the mysterious group looking to destroy the “K”. Will they leave behind everything they've known or will their association with Kythera destroy them before they can escape?

The Kings of Charleston asked, are you in? All the King's Men asks, will you survive?

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Book One
The Kings of Charleston
by Kat H. Clayton

Series: The Kings of Charleston Series, Book 1
Publication: July 10th 2012
Genre: YA Romantic Suspense

Book Description

Casper Whitley is forced to move to Charleston, South Carolina where she’ll be the new kid her senior year of high school. Casper’s upset about the move until she meets the Roman family’s gorgeous son, Cal, but there’s a problem. A mystery surrounds him which can be summed up in one word…Kythera. Never heard of it? Neither has Casper until she finds the word tattooed on cars, paintings and all her new friends.

After Casper’s life is threatened, someone is forced to tell the truth about her parents, the Romans and Kythera’s motives for her being in Charleston. Once the truth is revealed, she must decide whether to protect her family and Kythera’s secrets or walk away from everything she has ever known.

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Guest Post
My Reading Habits

I’ve been a reader my whole life. I LOVED books as a kid and I still do. Unfortunately, I don’t have as much time now to sit for hours on end and devour book after book, but in a perfect world I would have one day a week called “reading” day. Alas, we’re not in a perfect world so my reading habits are an every evolving wave of ups and downs. There will be weeks I go without picking up a book because I’m feel too busy and then there other times I’ll be reading every free second I get, including at stop lights (yes, I’ve done that before).

Then again, maybe it isn’t that I’m too busy, but rather what I’ve picked up to read. If I really love a book, I don’t want to put it down. A favorite in the past was The Help by Kathryn Stockton. I loved it so much that I stayed up until 4am and then when I woke up at 7am to immediately start reading. If you know me that’s a rare accomplishment, because I’ not a morning person and my ideal time to wake up is 9am or later. I even read The Help while I was drying my hair.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was another one I didn’t want to put down. I even kept my Kindle with me in the car and I promise I didn’t read and drive, but at every red light I was reading another page. When I’ve read a book I really enjoy it’s almost like caffeine and I’m ready to devour the next book, but if the book was only okay I get a bit sluggish.

I was not the biggest fan of Beautiful Creatures and after that one my reading habits got a bit slower. I kept searching for another book to devour and be the espresso shot I needed, but then the next one I read was a dud too (I didn’t even finish it). So my slump turned into a major depression. It took me a little bit to get back on the wagon, but then I found On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves and I read it in one afternoon. I found the spark I needed and I ended up reading several books in a week.

It took me a long time to realize the pattern and how dependent my reading habits really were on the books I was reading. I’m currently on an uptick, but I’m starting to feel the slump come on again. A warning sign for me is when given the choice between TV and reading, I choose the TV then my reading habit is on life support.

But ever since I’ve gotten involved with the blog tours for my own novels, I’ve been introduced to so many amazing book bloggers who’ve become new sources for book recommendations. I predict a major bump in how much reading time I carve out now that I have plenty of new books to satisfy my caffeine addiction.

About the Author
Kat H. Clayton

Kat H. Clayton has been a writer her entire life, but never pursued a writing career until the character's from a short story she wrote in high school refused to go away. Finally, she sat down and wrote their story which would become The Kings of Charleston series.

Kat has been an avid reader her entire life. She enjoys all genres, but particularly Mystery and Young Adult. Mary Higgins Clark is one of her favorite authors and who inspired her love of mystery.

When she isn't writing, Kat loves to travel, try out new recipes and hang out with her husband.

Kat is originally from Kentucky, but currently resides in South Georgia with her husband, a cat named Frank and a dog named Lil.

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