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{Guest Post} WitchLove by Emma Mills

The Book
WitchLove (Book #3)
by Emma Mills

Series: Witchblood
Published: February 12th 2013

Book Description

With the reappearance of a lost love, Jess flees to the only people who can help her control her increasing powers and gain independence – her family’s coven. But with a bruised heart can Jess learn to forgive or will she find new love in the United States? Witchlove, the third installment of the Witchblood series, is a new adventure that takes Jess from New England to Voodoo country in the South.

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Guest Post
by Emma Mills

Musical Moments – WitchLove Soundtrack

Now I am not a writer that can write with music playing in the background. Occasionally if the writing is flowing then I’ll put some soft classical music on in the background but definitely no vocals – it interrupts my stream of thought too much.

However I do get totally immersed in my story and characters so much so that when a certain song comes on I will automatically think of certain chapters, certain moments. My novels become movies in my head which inevitably have soundtracks that go along with them! I’ve been writing and editing WitchLove since June 2012 and there are two songs in particular which in my head are so entwined with the story that for me I think of them every time I hear the songs.

The first is not a new song, but I came across it one day and it immediately made me think of Jess. This song depicts Jess’s emotions as we find her in the first chapter of WitchLove. She thinks she has lost Daniel for ever and is grieving.

The second is Daniel’s song. Daniel has always had to fight for Jess’s love and now he has to fight for her forgiveness. This song has stayed with me all year. This is Daniel.

Now my husband introduced me to a band this year, which I love called The National. I have been listening to a lot of their tracks recently, but this one particularly stands out as I think it portrays both Jess and Daniel’s feelings in the first third of the book. Jess doesn’t understand how Daniel could walk away from her and then Daniel has to deal with Jess leaving him.

About the Author
Emma Mills

Hi I'm Emma. I am happily married with two lovely children. I have always loved reading and writing and have just written my first novel. After aquiring an obsessive love of supernatural teen novels...yes I'm a Twilight fan...I decided to write my own supernatural story based here in Manchester in the UK, near where I live and grew up. It's currently dark, windy, cold and very very wet... and easy to get inspiration!

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