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{Giveaway} The Magic Warble by Victoria Simcox

The Book

The Magic Warble
by Victoria Simcox

Pages: 268
Published: February 1st 2009
Publisher: Two Harbors Press
Genre: Fantasy, YA

Book Description

Twelve-year-old Kristina Kingsly feels like the most unpopular girl in her school. The kids all tease her, and she never seems to fit in. But when Kristina receives an unusual Christmas gift, she suddenly finds herself magically transported to the land of Bernovem, home of dwarfs, gnomes, fairies, talking animals and the evil Queen Sentiz. In Bernovem, Kristina not only fits in, she's honored as "the chosen one," the only one who can release the land from Queen Sentiz's control. But it's not as simple as it seems. To save Bernovem, she must place the gift she was given, the famous "Magic Warble," in its final resting place. She must travel through the deep forest, climb a treacherous mountain, and risk capture by the queen's "zelbocks" before she reaches her destination. Guided by her new fairy friends, Clover and Looper and by Prince Werrien, a teenage boy, and an assortment of other characters, Kristina sets off on a perilous journey that not only tests her strength but her heart.


She suddenly heard the sound of whistling again, and when she poked her head out of the pile of leaves, she saw a man—or at least she thought it might be a man—coming around the corner of the cottage. He looked old, and he seemed to be even shorter than herself. He had a stout stature, distinctly sharp facial features, icy blue eyes, pointy ears, a long white beard, and silver hair. Upon his left shoulder he carried a large sack, and in his right hand he held a rake. He walked toward the pile of leaves, and Kristina ducked back down so he wouldn’t see her. He dumped out the large sack onto the pile of leaves, which brought another pile of leaves upon her head. Kristina tried not to move or make a sound.

The little man struck a match and was about to throw it on the pile of leaves, right where Kristina was hiding, but she jumped out just before he did so yelling, “Wait! Please don’t throw that match!”

The little man almost fell backwards. “What in our lady’s name is this?” he said, steadying himself.

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Interview with
Victoria Simcox

1) What inspired you to write The Magic Warble?

I remember I was sitting in the movie theater watching the first Harry Potter movie when I envisioned my main character Kristina, walking down a snowy sidewalk. At the time that was all of story I had. I went home that night and wrote my first page not knowing where the story would go.

2) How long did it take you to write The Magic Warble?

It actually took me longer than I would have liked. I'd say 4 years. But that was because I was so focused on home-schooling my 3 kids, teaching art, and doing many other things. I didn't have the time I would have liked to put into my writing. Now that my two older kids are in college, I am able to write more frequently.

3) What are some of your favorite books from childhood? Were there any specific authors who inspired you?

C.S Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia were my favorite books as a kid. I used to read them to my mom when she cooked dinner; it's one of my fondest childhood memories. I also love J.K Rowling's Harry Potter series, even though I was older than a child when I read them. I love all kinds of Juvenile fiction.

4) Where did you come up with the characters Kristina and Prince Werrien?

Kristina is my daughter's name, but even though I named the main character after my daughter, Kristina in The Magic Warble is definitely her own person. As for Prince Werrien, a little inner voice called out to me, "Name him Prince Werrien." Na, that wasn't how it happened. I just made it up.

5) If you could befriend a character from any of your books, who would you befriend? Why?

I'll go with Looper—the fairy.  First of all, how cool would it be to have a fairy friend? And second, he's cute, encouraging and always willing to help.

6) Where do you like to write? Do you listen to music while you are writing?

Most of the time I write at my computer, which is in my bedroom. I write whenever I can, morning, afternoon, night. If I'm on the road, I take my lap-top, and if I have time to kill, I'll write anywhere. I like it quiet when I write, but I have written with music on, as well as the television blaring in the background. I have to do what it takes. If I waited for a perfect, peaceful setting to write than I probably wouldn't get much writing in. Also, if I waited for a certain mood to be in than I probably wouldn't write much either. The way I write is more of a discipline; though once I get started, my creativity just starts a flowin'.

About the Author
Victoria Simcox

Victoria was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, to an Austrian immigrant mother, and a Dutch immigrant father. She now lives in Western Washington with her husband, Russ and their three children, Toby, Kristina, and William. Her other family members are a Chihuahua, named Pipsy and two cats, named Frodo and Fritz. Besides being an author, Victoria is a home-schooling mother of twelve years and an elementary school art teacher of eleven years. In her spare time, Victoria enjoys managing her two older children's Celtic band. She also loves writing, reading, painting watercolors, hiking, good movies, and just simply hanging out with her family and friends.

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