Saturday, May 18, 2013

{Review} Palmolive® soft touch™ #PalmoliveSoftTouch

If you're not a fan of wearing rubber gloves when you do the dishes, Palmolive's new Soft Touch™ Dish Liquids ($2.99 for 25 oz.) promise to pamper your hands while you wash.

When the party's over and you've got a sink full of dishes, what's a girl to do? Pick up her Palmolive® soft touch™ of course! It's the one dish soap that can get the job done without leaving you with hands that look like they've been scrubbing the whole night through.

What I Think

When I got this Voxbox in the mail I had no idea what to expect especially when I saw that it was a Palmolive product.

Normally I use Palmolive Ultra Oxy-Plus, which I love but I was excited to try this new kind.

I love Palmolive for different reasons, one being that it is a nice thick consistency and with it being thicker than other dish-washing liquids I feel that I don't have to use as much to get my dishes sparkling clean.

Speaking of sparkling clean dishes. This stuff worked just as good as I thought it would have while also making my hands feel like I had been into the nail salon and had a skin softening mani. I also loved the scent of the both of the products but my favorite was the coconut butter. It smelled like I was on a tropical vacation while washing my dishes, which is pretty awesome considering I hate doing dishes more than anything. lol

I ended up sharing my soft touch and coupons with a few of my girlfriends after I told them about how great my hands felt after doing the dishes, of all things. They ended up loving this stuff just as much as I did. One friend didn't even do her dishes but added a few drops to a bowl of water and let her hands soak in the mixture for a while as part of her home manicure process. She loved the results and even said that it softened her hands better than most lotions she used.

 I have to agree that for this being a dish-washing liquid it really does what it says while also cutting through the grease just like I expect from Palmolive. I will definitely keep recommending this Palmolive product.

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