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{Review} And the Soft Wind Blows by Lance Umenhofer

The Book
And the Soft Wind Blows
by Lance Umenhofer

Paperback, 146 pages
Published: April 20th 2013
Publisher: April Gloaming Publishing

Book Description

Timmy Enosh is a peculiar, small man: fivethree, onehundredandfifteen pounds, and is a pharmacist in Ashton City, Tennessee.

He finds himself at fortythreeyearsold as his life starts to fall apart: his threehundred pound wife disappears, his romantic interest has lost interest and has gained hatred toward him, his coworkers harass him, customers verbally assault him, and he has the strange urge to adopt his foulmouthed, eighteenyearold coworker, Alex.

When things start to pile up, Timmy must find a way to deal: he turns to Alex to supply him with marijuana, starts sewing an elaborate Mr. Mistoffelees costume, finds solace in the wild, etc., etc., etc.

And the soft, constant wind of change blows him on, on, and on.

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My Review

And the Soft Wind Blows is about a man named Tim who is a pharmacist full time but delivers newspapers on the side. He is married to a woman who verbally abuses him and fantasizes about Roxie whom is a waitress at a dinner he likes to go to.

I have to say that while this book was easy to read, for the most part had it's moments where I really wanted to stop reading all together. I don't know what the author was going for when he would putwordstogetherlikethis for no reason what so ever, which made it incredibly hard to follow and read sometimes. Although annoying, it wasn't as bad as being told everything instead of the author showing us. It was hard to connect with the characters and honestly I wanted to back hand Tim and kill his wife to be perfectly honest. The author could have killed everyone off in this book and it wouldn't have affected me in any type of way which is not good. I like to connect with the characters and feel something for them and it's sad that I wasn't about to do that in this one.

Even though this book had it's faults it was still a good story and it did keep you guessing as what was going to happen. Watching as Tim went from a closed off let everyone walk all over him nothing to someone whom started caring about himself and what he wanted made the book pretty good and I liked that. It eventually does have a good message once you weed through all of the other stuff.

I give this book

Disclosure Notice: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my personal and honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

About the Author
Lance Umenhofer

Lance Umenhofer lives in Nashville, TN. He is twentythreeyearsold. He graduated from Belmont University (Nashville, TN) in May of 2012 with an English degree. He is the author of And the Soft Wind Blows, his first book.

You can read his blog at: thehorrornamedgruffalo.blogspot.com, which features all original poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and other miscellaneous writings.

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