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{Book Spotlight} First Light by Adam Sigrist

The Book

First Light
by Adam Sigrist

Series: The Zombie Prophecies, Book 1
Genre: Zombie Apocalypse / Horror / Scifi
Published: June 18th 2013
Publisher: Fable Press

Book Description

Worldwide plague? Government conspiracy? Bioweapon disaster? Hell set loose?

You’re not even close...

Struggle alongside Donovan and his friends as they desperately cling to survival in a world ravaged by the undead, monsters and other horrors. After being bitten, Donovan is led towards a flashing light in the distance. Does the beacon offer salvation or merely a new challenge for him?

Zombies, monsters, secrets and lies. All of these things hurt, and kill, indiscriminately; finding you no matter where/who you are. The Zombie Prophecies begins with these horrors and a mysterious light calling survivors to a ruined apartment complex. Familiar, expected causes behind a zombie apocalypse are absent, replaced with a fresh, horrifying view on the end of our world.


While Joseph walked he stared down at the ground to hide his angry expression from the world. His broad shoulders bumped into a girl with long, dark hair that lifted into the air as she spun around to yell something at him. She bristled but the tall, square-jawed man with her held her back. Joseph didn't listen to the woman on the street - he didn't have it in him to apologize to anyone else after his crappy day at work. He turned to walk up the huge front stoop of his building and hesitated before placing his foot on the first step. He knew he'd have to see his son happily playing video games and pretend not to be mad about it. He'd have to force a smile for Sandra or risk a vicious argument. Then, of course, his young daughter would expect him to pour attention on her.

Joseph keyed the outside door. He passed through the shared entryway and unlocked the door to his apartment, thanking God the neighbors weren't passing through at the same time. They always wanted to chat and he didn't have the energy to make small talk with them.

He walked slowly up the stairs to his apartment and came into the living room. The television was dark, Matthew's video games put away. He looked around curiously. Where was everyone? He listened and the only sound was running water from the bathroom. 

"Joseph!" He heard his name being called from down the long hallway that ran through the middle of his apartment, "Joseph, are you home?"

"Yeah, honey." Joseph loosened his tie as he called to his wife.

"Could you come into the bathroom please?"

Joseph noticed that his wife sounded nervous. He tossed his coat onto the couch, a habit he knew Sandra hated, and walked slowly down the hall to the bathroom at the other end.

"Where're the kids?" Joseph asked, optimistic about being summoned to the bathroom. He wanted to hear her say they were out, maybe her mother had come to take them to her house for the night. 

Unbuttoning his shirt as he walked, he hoped to find his wife naked, waiting to share a shower. He imagined soap suds clinging to her curved body, and felt his heart thump in anticipation. There was no answer to his question, though, and as he passed through the open door of the long, skinny bathroom he noticed his wife was fully clothed with her back to him. Her lengthy blond hair was wrapped sloppily around itself in a messy bun and she held her arm under the tap.

"Wait… what's going on?" Joseph asked and hesitated as his wife turned towards him.

Sandra's arm glistened with a combination of water and blood. She'd been nursing what looked like a ragged wound on her arm.

"He… He bit me-" she said, crying now.

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About the Author
Adam Sigrist

While an English Scholar and Personal Care Assistant by day, Adam’s passion has been, and always will be, writing - until “every one of [his] fingers falls off”.    Furiously crafting his own classics from a single name, Adam draws inspiration from immersing himself within the world around him, whether it is by watching life intersect at the point of a busy street , or happily helping a young, devoted fan complete a school report about his favorite author.  When he does take a break, Sigrist also enjoys peaceful walks, camping, relaxing and hanging out with his friends.

A native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Sigrist comes from a large family which includes three sisters and two nieces whom he “loves more than anything in this world.”  His military parents nourished his budding talent by providing him some of their favorite books from the likes of Stephen King and Dean Koontz.

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