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{Guest Post & Spotlight} Death Knows My Name by Casse NaRome

The Book

Death Knows My Name
by Casse NaRome

Series: Memory Keepers, Book 1
Published: July 17th 2013
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Book Description

MAYNE ST LECLAIR has spent her adult life closed off emotionally from the world around her. She learned very early on that those who get close to her end up dead. She knows she is cursed, but what she doesn't know is why.

ECTAIN “ERIC” EDECK knows the pain he has caused Mayne but the connection is undeniable. Can Mayne get past the hurt and fall in love or has her heart been broken too many times?

Is death playing some sort of cruel joke on Mayne St LeClair or is watching her suffer breaking Death’s heart?


I heard a knock at the door. Assuming it would be Devon, I was ready to bitch about how shitty my day was.
I flung open the door, surprised to see Eric. “You used the door.”
“It’s called manners. Aren’t you going to invite me in?”
“Didn’t know you needed an invitation.”
“I don’t. I’m not a vampire. It’s that manners thing again,” he said curtly, stepping around me.
I stood there with the door open.
“Aren’t you going to close the door?”
When I made no move to, he reached past me and shut it.
“I had hoped I’d never be seeing you again.” I lied.“Besides, I figured you’d be mad at me.”
“I am beyond mad. Try pissed off.”
“Okay, pissed off or not, I really had no choice. I’m—”
“Do you even know what you did today? I asked one thing from you and you wouldn’t do it. You had a choice. There is always a choice and you made it.”
I sighed. “The point is, I’m sorry!”
“I deal in bottom lines. And the bottom line is—”
“The bottom line is I screwed you. Don’t you understand that I cannot just let you kill people in front of me? Don’t you understand how much that hurts? This guy today was a stranger but those people before—Eric, I believed it was my fault because of you. Every guy I slept with—”
“You weren’t supposed to sleep with every guy you met in a bar! That is on you.”
“Fuck you!”
He lifted his brow. “Isn’t that your problem?”
“Woah! Woah, woah, woah. Don’t you come in here and judge me. You don’t have the right. How I deal with my pain is my business. Is that what this is about? The creepy stalker Angel of Death got jealous?”
“Who I call is never my pick. It is your lot in life to keep memories and mine to call souls.”
“I cannot believe you called me a slut?” It was off subject but I was still pissed off about it.
“Did not!”
“Bullshit. You did a damn good job of implying it.”
“You are right.” He rubbed his hand through his hair, and I saw remorse in his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

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Guest Post
Does your writing process change depending on what genre you’re working with?

Well, my writing process is basically the same regardless of what I write. I am a lover of all things paranormal. I like to daydream about the love lives of those that go bump in the night. So that is the things I usually write genre wise. When I first get an idea for a story the very first thing I do is procrastinate. I’m only sort of kidding but besides that, I search for picture inspiration. I'm very visual. Then I write a character profile. I do that for every genre. The writing process is the same until this point. Now I have to investigate how hot the relationships are. I speak with the characters. Death Knows My Name was immediately clear that they were adult. Eric came over from another story and Mayne is too experienced to be NA. As I aged, she aged. The time came where we were two years shy of thirty (she stayed 26-27) when it was set in stone. It's adult, her mouth is filthy and Eric wants to jump her bones.

The Reborn was a bit harder. A bunch of upper teens who lived a hundred lifetimes where would they fall? I had to go back and censor Dain. That boy’s mouth and mind were just like Mayne's unfiltered. I don't dumb down for any genre or age group. It's more like a filter or a dial. What can be shown and what is merely implied? I know teens at this point know what I know, mostly. I do have years and experience and I don't want to write a how to guide. That is my main focus, to not corrupt but I also have to be honest with the story.

So my process is trying to be true to the story and figuring that out beforehand. Sometimes I forget that and have extensive rewrites.

About the Author
Casse NaRome

Casse Narome is the alter-ego of a self-proclaimed awesome weirdo who spent her childhood reading and daydreaming. As an adult that is also how she spends her time only now she writes her daydreams down for everyone to read. Casse is never serious, has been accused of wishing her life was a sitcom, laugh track and all, has a bad habit of talking out loud to herself and she is fine with being a little insane. She spends way too much time online, too much money buying books and laughing at her own jokes. You will find her on Twitter being very random and spewing her opinions. When you see her online, tell her to get back to her writing! Or just engage her in a hilarious random conversation.

Author's Top Ten
Top Ten Book Boyfriends

This is probably one of the best and hardest questions ever. I will try and answer. *ahem* here I go in no particular order.

  • Dylan Fourcade from Midnight Dragonfly Series by Ellie James
  • Jagger Remington from Forever Yours by Janmarie Anello
  • Brandon Noble from The Brethren Series by Sara Reinke (This is forever my favorite series.)
  • Nilo from The Aspects of Crow series by jeri Smith-Ready 
  • Kale from Few Are Angels by Inger Iversen
  • Ace from My Alien Romance Series by Magan Vernon
  • Gabriel from Destine by Katherine Polillo
  • Daemon Black from Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout (oh God yes)
  • Jared Lynburn from The Lynburn Legacy series by Sarah Rees Brennan (Come to mama, Jared!)
  • Dax from The Bionics series by Alicia Michaels
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