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{Book Spotlight} Schoolgirl Cinderella by Priya Narendran

The Book
Schoolgirl Cinderella
by Priya Narendran

Pages: 120
Genre: YA Fairytale Romance
Published: December 27th 2012
Publisher: Amazon

Book Description

Ten year old Briony Duke and her parents own a prestigious girls’ school in the country. This is in contrast to Mrs. Eyres, a middle-aged woman who has just been sacked by Briony’s father for embezzling funds.When Briony’s parents are killed in a car crash, Mrs. Eyres and daughter Lucy take over the school and Mrs. Eyres now becomes Briony’s guardian. Mrs. Eyres makes Briony sleep in the kitchen, cook, clean and tend to her and her daughter’s every whim. Seven years pass and one day Briony meets 19 year old Tom Logan, the sixth richest man in the country. She slowly starts to fall in love with the charismatic teenager, the only question is; can she win his heart before her evil stepsister does?


Half an hour later Briony stands in the middle of the boat and holds the punting stick with both hands. This is something the seventeen year old has never done before and something she never wanted to do either. Since she hates regrets she forces herself to the front and tries not to look too terrified every time the boat starts to sway. She sees several people pass her by on exactly the same type of boat and with no problem whatsoever and thinks to herself, “Show offs!”

She loses her balance again but manages to steady herself. 

Tom asks, “Are you OK?

Briony replies with a smile, “Absolutely fine. So all I have to do is push and drag?” 

“Push and drag,” Tom repeats. “Nice easy strokes.”    

“Push and drag. What if I fall in?” she asks.  

“You can swim, can’t you?” 

Briony glares at him and Tom states, “Don’t worry, I’ll jump in after you.”  

She takes a deep breath and places the punting stick into the water and uses it to push and drag the boat slowly along the river. Briony’s eyes widen as the boat starts to move. 

“Oh my GOD it’s moving!” she yells.

About the Author
Priya Narendran

My name is Priya Narendran and I have been a fan of fairy tales and paranormal fiction for years.  I started writing when I was seven years old and haven’t stopped writing since. So far I have written 2 books and I am in the process of writing my third.

As well as writing, I’m an avid film buff.  My favourite films include My Fair Lady, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Shining and Beauty and the Beast (Disney version).

Cinderella is also one of my favourites and I decided to change things a little by making the little Cinder girl appear a little more daring and quite intelligent. I hope you enjoy reading my book as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

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