Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Fix All Pill

The Fix All Pill
by Krystal S. Willingham

You say I’m to skinny
You say I’m to fat.
What the hell
Just take them back.

Now my boobs are too big,
Or were they too small?
Oh hell, just take them all!

One pill,
Two pills,
Three pills

That’s what the bottle says
Just don’t take to many.

Losing the weight
But still not good enough.
More bottles,
More pills
It's never enough.

My life consumed
By all the weight
Too fat, too skinny.
Is it too late?

Stop the pills
Leave them behind
Leave this hell
And stop being blind.
See what you've done.
See what you’re doing
Not only to yourself
But everyone around.

Consumed with happiness
Not with the weight.
Consumed with love
Not all the hate.

Because do these pills really work
Or do they just kill?
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